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Home computer problems have you reaching for a sledgehammer?

Find your happy place. Then, call us.

Slow-running Windows computers, malfunctioning PC hard drives or hardware, and viruses/spyware can make you pine for the good ol’ days before technology made things difficult. Call Creative IT to make it simple.

  • PC Repair

    PC Repair

    Slow-running computer? Feisty hard drive? Tempted to smash your desktop into a
    thousand pieces? Computers should streamline your life, not complicate it. Creative IT can help.

  • Laptop Repair

    Laptop Repair

    From cracked screens to loud fans to any other disturbance plaguing your laptop, Creative
    IT offers speedy, cost-effective diagnostics and repair.

  • Virus, Spyware Removal

    Virus Removal

    Viruses and spyware can seriously threaten the security of your
    personal information. If you believe your computer has fallen victim to a malicious program,
    contact us immediately.

  • Home Networking

    Home Networking

    Connect multiple computers, share files and access wireless devices easily with our home
    networking plan. Whatever your needs, Creative IT has a customized solution to fit your life.

  • Data Recovery

    Data Recover

    Files you fear are gone forever might be recoverable with special tools and expertise.
    Before you panic, call Creative IT to start the process of resurrecting your lost files.

  • Custom Built Computers

    Custom Built Computer

    Brand-name desktops don’t always meet the needs of avid PC gamers, video editors and other
    graphics-intensive PC users. Erase limits with a custom built PC.