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Case Studies

We pride ourselves at finding the best possible, most cost effective solutions. Whatever the problem, we have the experience and expertise, coupled with “ahead of the curve” thinking, that result in efficient solutions.

Case Study: Hannay Maintenance Services


The HVAC control system in one of the client’s corporate buildings needed to be upgraded. But because of the proprietary
system, an upgrade would have cost over $40,000. This control system would have also required periodic maintenance resulting
in more money spent by the building’s owners. Hannay came to Creative IT for a cost-effective solution that they could implement
and manage themselves.


We wired the building with CAT6 cable in 8 locations, then installed wireless access points to provide coverage for the entire building.
We then configured this new network to be secure and hidden from any outside access. Hannay installed wireless AC control units and attached them to the network we created (220 AC units in total).

Next, we setup a router and configured a low-cost DSL connection. The end result? The customer can now access each AC unit from any computer or smart phone connected to the network, wirelessly. Should a wireless unit fail, the customer themselves can easily replace the component with little to no down time.

Case Study: Southwest Financial Advisors


The client needed to upgrade their desktops to Windows 7, but their accounting software will only work on Windows 98 or older.


We setup up a new machine with hardware virtualization enabled to run Windows 7. We then setup this machine to run Windows 98 as well and installed the client’s accounting software. This “virtual machine” was configured to have no internet access, but via the network, could share files to the newly upgraded client desktops. We also configured a backup system for both the host and client computers.

Case Study: Arion Care Solutions


Each manager at the company has their own laptop computer, each with important company files. With no server or central hub, files were scattered across multiple computers, making file management extremely difficult.


First, we configured two new servers. The first server was installed with Microsoft Small Business server, and featured Exchange configured with Blackberry Enterprise to provide emails to all manager’s smart phones. We installed powerful anti-virus/anti-spam software for security.

The second server was set up with Microsoft Server Standard with Remote Services Enabled (Terminal Server). A profile was configured with each manager on the Terminal Server so that each manager was given remote access. Both onsite and off-site, daily backups were enabled.

The end results is a new IT system that allows a secure, central hub for all company files, and is both remotely accessible and flexible.